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Yes! Another retreat has come and gone. I had an opportunity to go to a Mother's Day weekend retreat. The timing was perfect for me because we chose that weekend to list our home and being gone meant that I did not have to leave for every showing. I worked on 5 projects in the 3 days. I brought two Stampin Up kits, Watercolor Wishes and Tin of Cards as well as a Simon Says Stamp kit from last summer. I finished Watercolor Wishes but on the last card, which has hearts on it, I misplaced the stamp "You are so loved" GRRR. It is my least favorite saying, one I would only use for my husband as I have no siblings or children and for my mom and husband I have much more appropriate love sentiments. It still makes me mad. I am sure it is on the back of something and one day it will surface, when I least need it of course.

Friday I took a short intermission to work on my Copic Marker storage. One top (just the colored part of the cap) had popped off and was floating around the bottom of my case meaning one marker was not seated properly to close it. I was able to extract the cap without having to take all 358 markers out. We used a large cookie sheet to pop them all out in the case at once (thank you Libby!), fix them all and then again using the cookie sheet we safely put them all back in at once. WHEW! that was one project I was dreading.

When I opened the Tin of Cards kit to work on, I took a tangent and decided to combine the new Botanical Blooms dies with Tin of Cards to make my in-laws a "serious" anniversary card. I chose to use my flower forming tools and added dimension I don't normally see with this die set. I then switched gears to the Bird Crazy sets which I just got. I ended up with the full size and the mini birds with both size Things and dies to match. I stamped some random accessories and colored the birds using Copic Flourescent Sketch markers. I will write up individual articles with the deets on the various card projects.

Saturday from Midnight until 3am I made an index sheet for my new downsized set of ink pads. I sold all of my Stampin' Up ink pads (I only had 7 or so) and bought what I was missing to complete a 36 color set of Memento Teardrop inks. I really like the space saving of this much smaller size. I may switch to the mini Distress Inks next, right now I have a mix of sizes in them and the larger squares will not fit vertically in my new space. Switching to distress minis would solve that problem.

It was a great retreat, there are two formal meals a day with snacks in between. One thing I learned from the first retreat I attended is to not gorge myself on food. It is very hard to be efficient with my time when feeling stuffed. A small group of us tend to get up and go outside often for a quick stroll, or a minute of yoga or a cartwheel, just a little something to keep from turning into a craft lump.

The last day I brought my second Winter album which needs embellished. I worked on them. I am in need to either buying or creating more embellishments but can tell I have moved out of the Winter phase. Its all about summertime now, flipflops, the beach and flowers for me!

Copic cap at bottom of case | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com
Botanical Blooms and Tin of Cards | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com
Bird Crazy Fluorescent Birthday Card | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com
Watercolor Wishes Birthday Card | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com
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