Bible Journaling Take 2 - Money - Luke 16:13

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Bible Journal - Luke 16:13 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

My DH and I are both hard working folks and as such we get caught up in the money earnings game. We both have our "base" income if you will from our day jobs and then there are side gig money opportunities that always come up. DH is better than I at saying no. I've had some major health issues that are definitely from working too much and that is because I never do say no. I made this journaling page as a reminder to not let money control me, it is a very short and to the point verse "You cannot server God and money." As of this year I've finally formally closed my side gigs down. I even sold off the equipment that allows me to make the products that I've sold for so many years. On a good note it means I have much more time for crafting! I actually placed a twenty dollar bill under my vellum to draw the money graphic elements.

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