Retreats! So much fun... off to #3 today

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My desk at my first craft retreat | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Today I am heading out to my third crafting retreat. I am so lucky that I live less than 20 minutes from this awesome location. The venue is called the Hobby Hideaway. The first time I way overpacked, below I show pictures of my packed goods. The main picture shows my setup that first time. I had so many supplies under my desk I had no room for my feet. The second retreat I was much more organized, I was in a corner so had alot more room. I did forget a few things, like my fan/heater and I was very warm all weekend and most important, I forgot to take pictures... ack!

Today I remembered to pack my fan, see it in picture three! Two other critical small items are a tv tray and my blanket. At this particular venue you get a table, grid shelving, an Ott light and a garbage can. I hope today being that I packed about half of the first two times, that I will be unpacked and repacked WAY faster! I am making albums this weekend. I brought NO card bases at all! I've been asked to provide some jewelry making instruction, specifically wire wrapping, so I packed wire wrapping tools and supplies as well as samples. I have promised myself I WILL remember to take pictures.

What I enjoy most about retreats is the camraderie, seeing all the great projects people bring to work on, and the FOOD of course!

My first retreat packed, it is a choo choo train!
Third retreat packed | Tracy Marie Lewis |

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