Mini Album Sneak Peak - Fallout 4

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Mini Album Sneak Peak - Fallout 4 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I decided to make myself a personal mini album. I had to choose a theme that I would enjoy having around our home. We play online PC games and between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2015 we played Fallout 4. I LOVE anything post-apoclyptic in nature so this game is a favorite of mine. This is installment 4, so over the years we've played 3 other versions of the game. This last one has been great! The visuals are to die for. I got to have a German Shepherd dog for a companion and always love pet class characters. I am now to the point that I am ready to dress the album up and wanted to get it video'd before I go to town with embellishments and screen shots. This is a very quick video walkthrough that is less than 4 minutes long, enjoy!

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great game, love the idea of a memory album for it!


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