StazOn Jet Black Ink

Some projects where I used this product: 
StazOn Jet Black Ink | Tracy Marie Lewis |
Helpful Notes: 

This is a permanent black ink that is a basic item for the craft room. Use this to stamp images that will be watercolored. Do NOT use this ink with alcohol markers like Copic Markers. You need special Stamp cleaner to properly clean your stamps when using this type of ink. I just went through all of my posted projects and see that I've only used StazOn ONCE! I think that because I color with Copic Sketch Markers I have moved away from this ink. It is a very tacky ink, so be sure to really apply alot to your stamp because it could be solid black on one half and mottled the other half. When done right this ink produces the blackest of black I've been able to achieve. Just always be mindful of what type of coloring you need to do... use this ALWAYS for watercolor and use Memento for Copics.

Happy stamping and/or camping!