Tissue Paper Technique - First Try

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Tissue Paper Technique Attemp #1 | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

I like to surf Pinterest for card ideas. While surfing early in January, I watched a video for a tissue paper technique that looked interesting. After watching the video I felt inspired and lucky for me it was a saturday which is my usual go bonkers in my craft room day. I am usually successful when trying new stuff, however with this technique I was sorely disappointed. The technique calls for stamping on flat tissue paper, let it dry then wad it up a few times and flatten it back out. The final step is to restamp the focal, color it and pop it up on top of the tissue stamped background. I was underwhelmed due to the extreme bleeding of the rest of the focal and the sentiment. I set it aside in disgust. I did move immediately to attempt #2 in which I inked and stamped very lightly and then did NOT make a second focal image, I left the entire surface tissue and liked it much better. It is not perfect, but I would give it out and not be embarrased. Today I brought that failed attempt back out and thought through a strategy to salvage the card. My fix doesn't make it perfect by any means, but I would now be happy to give it out. I did change the card from Sympathy to Thank You because I am now overstocked with Sympathy cards after making so many of them in January. The top picture is the final and the second picture was the failed version where you can really see all the bleeding. Later this week I will post and discuss my second Tissue Paper attempt.

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Tissue Paper Technique Attemp #1 | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com
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