Whew! We Are Recuperating In Orlando

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This is going to be short. I just wanted to confirm that we arrived in one piece, well ahead of Hurricane Michael. I am SOOOO glad we changed our schedule!

We are in a lovely HUGE campground that is by far the nicest of the Thousand Trails we've been to. I have some video footage to process for another day... It is very close to all the amusement parks, you can watch the fireworks at the lake every night. It is a mile off highway 27 so it is very quiet...except for the bugs. They are so noisy! The trees here are covered in spanish moss. I chose to park between tropical plants, on the outer edge so we have no one behind us. The sites here are spacious. 

It is crazy muggy here like it was in Arkansas. I don't know how anyone can stand it. During the heat of the day it will be 87 degrees, but my weather app says... real feel 100 degrees! It is blustery and rainy, then sunny, in spurts. This goes on all day so you don't know when you can plan to do anything outside or you most likely will get drenched. When it rains, it is a squall, not normal rain. 

Tonight we walked down to the lake and back. On the way back the sun had set and the sky was so vibrant. I grabbed my phone and took a picture from the trailer door. 

I am not sure if we plan to do much adventuring here since we will be back at this campground for the first three weeks in November. We are surrounded by toll roads, so if we are up to it we might make a trial run to the disc golf course and then to the hotel where I will stay for OnStage, in both cases avoiding the toll roads.

If we don't feel like driving (we are pretty burned out right now), we will just hang here through the weekend. Monday we continue our journey south. We are staying in a series of campgrounds, each one further south with the final one 2/3 down the keys. I am very excited!

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Glad you made it will be interesting to see if the Huricane damage the south where your going. Have fun stay cool


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