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Sharp Spurs Greet You At the West End Of Wickenburg | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Congress is one town away from Wickenburg and our RV park is between the two on highway 89. Our RV park (Escapees North Ranch) consists of two different areas, the RV campground space, which is essentially a gravel parking lot, and after that is a residential community that has RV and "one" bedroom house deeded lots.

I like the residential area, but it really is in the middle of nowhere. It has a very low annual road maintenance HOA fee and clearly the building rules over the years have been "broken". It is centrally located, and does fit alot of our criteria for investing, however, its primary drawback is that there is no renting of your space when you are not in it. 

There are workarounds, but we want to be able to freely rent and not have to cheat the system to do it. Aside from a reasonable price point, it has a gate leading to Arizona State Trust land where you can walk for miles.

There are two parks in the community, one is quite large and is lovingly filled with all sorts of desert plants with labels (I love labels). It includes smaller spaces in it which are dedicated to past members that contributed to the community in some special way.

The second park is much smaller and is quite fun, it is a Flamingo park with you guessed it, all sorts of pink flamingo paraphernalia. I would LOVE to see a garden gnome park one day!

Now on to Wickenburg. Wickenburg is a HUGE horse community that focuses on a riding event called roping (as in roping a cow while on a horse) community. The Welcome to Wickenburg signs says that it is the "Team Roping Capital Of Arizona". On the west end of town there is a giant pair of sharp spurs to greet you. I've only had one horse that needed sharp spurs like those in the sculpture and even then I used them sparingly.

In the center of town is a busy, busy outdoor arena with open air covered stalls and pens for horses and cattle. When we first arrived, barrel racing was in full swing, but most of the time we see roping. There are ranches that appear to rent casitas for transient cowboys to stay. Their trucks and trailers are parked everywhere with horses in metal pens. Because it does get cold at night, blankets hang from the fences. 

There is a wide variety of horse/cattle trailers, from top of the line Exiss trailers with AC units in the horse area to open stock trailers without roofs. I've seen saddled horses in open stock trailers, trailers with the windows open and horses heads hanging out. These are things you just don't see very often in the Pacific Northwest. I would open my horses window, but I kept the bars up with netting to prevent stuff from flying in.

ATVs are driven everywhere, with license plates in Wickenburg, but I see in Congress, they have to ride on the side of the highway. You see them parked at stores and restaurants.

Property is decidedly more expensive in WIckenburg compared to other regions in Arizona. 

Wickenburg is a pretty large town. It has money as the streets and buildings are well maintained. But what I don't understand is why there isn't a Walmart here. The nearest Walmart is 45 minutes away in Surprise outside of Phoenix. Prescott, which is an hour away has three Walmarts!

I have compiled a short video of Wickenburg's horses for you to enjoy. Length 2 min 37 sec.

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