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What's In My Bag March 2019 | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

It has been over a year of rebuilding our bags after we lost most of the discs that we owned. I though it was finally time to create an updated in the bag video explaining my discs, how I came to be using them and for what type of shots. Video Length 14 min 47 sec.

I carry an 11 disc Innova bag so am somewhat limited. I like the lighter weight. I had a backpack that could hold 20 discs but after using it a short while I went back to the smaller bag.

Hub and I play disc golf multiple times a week and sometimes if we are close to a place to practice we will play twice a day. We are primarily recreational players, and find it to be great exercise as well as a fun hobby we can enjoy together. We have played since the late 1980s but it wasn't until the last two years that we really kicked it into high gear. I am a far, far better player than I used to be. If there is one part of the game that I could say I excel at, it would have to be putting. 

2x Nova - XT McBeth 4x 171

ROC3 - Innova - Red Metal Flake Champion 180
Zone - Discraft - Titanium 175
Buzzz - Discraft -  Titanium 171 (I really need a heavier one)

Explorer - Latitude 64 - Opto 175
Jade - Latitude 64 - Opto 156
Saint - Latitude 64 -Opto 176
Ballista - Latitude 64 -Opto 175
Destroyer - Innova - Champion Metal Flake 171
Destroyer - Innova - Star 168

Innova Small Bag

*The above links take you to Infinite Discs, where we buy most of our disc golf supplies. They have an extensive review system that we use to analyze what discs we should try. We are an affiliate with them and will receive a small kickback (in the form of points to buy product) should you click on a link and then make a purchase. 

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