Our Florida Keys Journey - Part One - From Homestead To Big Pine Key

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We left Peace River bright and early in the morning. I chose driving along 41 through the Everglades. It was an uneventful three and a half hours. Our arrival was much more interesting than the drive. This resort is actually almost 100% mobile homes. The turn in to the gate house was so shallow we could not get ourselves moved into the center lane out of everyone's way. While I was trying to get us registered a fire truck came by and wanted in...so the gate guard had no choice but to let us through. Finally after getting registered, we were told we had to turn around due to a tight turn we needed to avoid. I got us turned around and we backed in between mobiles. It felt a bit strange... strange enough that I spent the time to get our return trip moved to a different RV park, one that does have mobiles, but at least all RVs park together.

We left Homestead just before 11am, putting our arrival on Big Pine Key at just before 1pm. I called and was told that we could come at any time. I made a video of this leg of our journey. Video length 13 min 56sec.

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