Goodbye Florida! Nine Weeks Flew By And Now We Are On Our Way To Arizona

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Florida To Arizona Day One| Tracy Marie Lewis |

We left Florida today. It was probably as bad a day for travel as can be, short of a hurricane or something. I have seen some really heavy rain in my day but this mornings rain was something else. We spend the first hour of our drive on city streets with lots of stop and gos and it rained, and rained...and rained some more! Finally we made it to I75 and shortly thereafter, the sun came out. From there it was intermittent rain, sun, rain, sun. 

We made it to our overnight stop in Georgia...only to encounter a dreaded error when extending our leveling system. We were running it manually since we were not disconnected from the truck and just wanted some stability. The right rear stopped about half way down. And the system said RR jack error. We fussed and fussed and ended up with LR error, then LF error. No matter what we tried that RR jack would not budge. So I hit the books while Hub started checking the system out. He checked the connections, checked the fuses and everything looked ok.

I found the hardcopy manual and then the Grand Design Troubleshooting guide online. The book says that this error is caused by a communication issue and Hub checked everything the manual stated to check. We tried a few things and also found the manual override (drill crank) option. Before we resorted to Hub using a drill to bring that jack up I wanted to try to "home" the system, which is the only way to clear the error, according to the guide.

So,  Hub unplugged the motor and control at both ends (he commented how grimy the connectors were back at the jack, it took some work to get them clean), finally he reconnected everything. I was then able to lower all of our jacks the required 6 inches AND... miracle of all miracles, the RR jack worked! So I finished the sequence and now everything is back working with no errors. /whew! I was ok with Hub manually using the drill, but of course I much preferred to actually "fix" the problem. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come...

This was one stressful day I tell you! 287 miles down, only 2,000 miles to go!

BUT... I am not stuck in a weekend snowstorm freezing either! It is about 60 degrees here, and I do like my view out the back of our trailer. It is always nice to look out at nature, not our neighbor. I guess I have to say that for today I am a happy camper!

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Glad u were able to fix.Stress is no fun when traveling.Good luck and do your happy dance before you leave. God Bless safe travels.


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