Video - Episode 49 - Crayola 100 + 24 Colors Of The World Skin Tones Detailed Walkthrough

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Colors used on the R.J. Hampson free February coloring page:

Background: BG000, N2
Globe: Sky Blue, True Blue, Blue, Tropical Rain Forest, Shamrock, White
Globe Stand: Mahogany, Light Brown, Bronze Yellos, Dark Brown, Black
Mr. Fogherty:

  • Jacket - Outer Space, Gray
  • Pants - Gray, Timberwolf
  • Hat - Gray, Timberwolf, White
  • Body: Forest Green, Yellow Green, Lemon Green
  • Pipe: Dark Brown
  • Smoke: Warm Gray
  • Hat Trim & Bow: Red
  • Eyes, Collar: Timberwolf


  • Body: Mauve, Mauvelous, Taupe
  • Shell: Copper, Burnt Sienna, White

Frame: Yellow, Harvest Gold, Bronze Yellow, Antique Brass, Brown, Dark Brown, White
Frame Gem: Purple Mountain's Majesty

Other Projects in this episode that were colored with Crayolas:(not including projects colored with other sets)

Flowers & Hearts Ticket: Sky Blue, True Blue, Blue, Timerwolf, Ash, Sand, Khaki, Taupe, Palm Leaf, Fern, Green, Sun Yellow, Orange Circuit, Yellow, Ash, Tickle Me Pink, Red, Yellow Orange
Bunny Ticket: Sky Blue, True Blue, Blue, Sand, Khaki, Taupe, Blush, Palm Leaf, Fern, Green, Ash

Skin Tone Projects-

  • Almond Tone Aqua Fairy - Very Light, Light, Light Medium Dress: Turquoise, Aqua Green, Green Blue, Teal
  • Rose Tone Green Fairy - Very Light, Light, Light Medium, Medium Deep, Deep Dress: Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Yellow Green, Forest Green
  • Golden Tone Yellow Fairy - Very Light, Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Deep Golden Dress: Unmellow Yellow, Daffodil, Golden Yellow, Sun Yellow

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