Day Two - We Made it Into Wyoming

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Day Two - Wyoming | Tracy Marie Lewis |

When Hub said hey is that snow up there? Little did we know how much snow we would find around that hill. I had to video it to share. It was totally unexpected, but luckily a short while later we had dropped down out of it /whew!

We saw alot of beautiful countryside, a picturesque white mausoleam surrounded by a large cemetary.  Pronghorn, horses, cattle and sheep.

We are quickly eating into our estimated fuel consumption going through all of these smaller passes. We are officially now in unknown territory, driving through parts unknown so it will be interesting to see the new terrain and of course we look forward to the warmer weather.

Today's trip is a short one and our destination has a high of 79 degrees today, yay!

We will be driving through Nebraska next and then get a two day break in Kansas where we plan to do some laundry and grocery shopping. Video length under 1 minute.


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Love the video, in reading the Longmire books it talks allot about the snow in Wyoming and how cold it gets with unexpected snow storms. In fact is looks just how I pictured it. Thanks for sharing your video.


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