Day Three - Driving Through Wyoming

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Driving Through Wyoming | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I got a little behind on blogging our trek. I managed to get the video posted so that was something. I even made myself try a new video editor on my newer laptop. I prefer the old Windows Movie Maker but it is no longer available and will not run on Windows 10.

So, our trip was pretty short and uneventful. We drove from the top of Wyoming, down to the bottom, to just south of Cheyenne. I think the Longmire series was set in a ficticious county near Cheyenne. 

We camped at a pretty large resort on a 26k acre ranch that was once owned by the first Governor, turned senator (for 35 years) of Wyoming. They set us up with a bunch of amenity advertising. I was quite shocked at the tourist pricing. A 1 hour trail ride $48 per person! 2 hour breakfast or dinner trail ride $100!!!! Way too rich for my blood. Besides I've already paid enough money for riding my own horses to pay that to ride someone elses.

Hub commented on how noisy these campgrounds are, being that they are right on the highway. It is hard to believe that we are paying to stay at these places and Thousand Trails which are for the most part off the beaten path are for us... free to stay. I would not like to have to spend miles on back roads getting to these places, just to have a place to sleep. We are making excellent use of our Passport America membership!

We were excited to make it to Nebraska which is a new state for both of us. 

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I love all your videos. Feel like I am traveling with you. More please!


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