Day Seven - Strange and New From Kansas To Oklahoma

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Strange and New From Kansas To Oklahoma | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I already posted our tail light fix so will not discuss it here.

First let me talk about how little sleep we got. It was MUGGY! It stayed in the 70s through the night and we kept our downstairs AC on. We've confirmed that the low will be 76 tonight so we will be sure to turn on the bedroom AC. 

Ok, back to our drive. Just south of Newton I did a double take. Hub glanced over and asked, "What were those we just passed?" I said, "About ten dead cows." He says," With their legs up like that?" I said,"Yup, With their legs up." I could not have misread what I saw and I was so disturbed I checked my phone's search engine and confirmed... Here's the news article: Just think of all the parents having to tell their children, "It's ok honey, the cows are just sleeping..."

Next up was for us to get on the Kansas turnpike and actually take a toll road, for the very first time. I may have taken a toll road or two while at a work conference, but we've never taken one while RVing. Now we can mark that bucket list item as complete!

We crossed into Oklahoma without incident. It was so very windy. Coming straight at us from the south so our fuel consumption was terrible! Our mileage varies while towing. It can be as high as 9mpg or like today, as low at 6.7mpg.

We opted out of paying any tolls in Oklahoma, one was enough. So we took I35 down to Oklahoma City and then turned left on I40. We are surprised how green everything is in Kansas and Oklahoma. I'm talking about lush green mowed grass for miles and miles along the highway. In Washington state all the grass is dead by now, and yellow, not green. 

Our campground is very nice and the Passport America rate was perfect at $12. Total time to setup, under ten minutes, from plugging the power in to leveling and opening all the slides. I really like being able to stay hooked up with this trailer which we could not efficiently do with the old one, it was way too unlevel.

Tomorrow should be interesting as we will have a 50 mile stretch on small highways to get to our campground. For the next couple of days we will be on small highways, so no more Next Exit book, instead I zoomed in on Google Maps and "looked" at the various gas stations up close to decide which ones we could use. It was very tedious. Anyway, we are ready to head on in to Arkansas tomorrow!

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Love reading about your journey! We are going camping next Friday for 5 nights with 3 other couples. This Sat. is our 12 hr. crop. Looking forward to that!

Thanks for the update Nancy! Driving every day gets tiring, I can't wait until we make camp tomorrow as we are staying 3 nights at the Thousand Trails in Tennessee! I miss the crops and seeing you guys... Have fun camping!

That is interesting stories keep them coming.

It seems there's something interesting to report each day! Which is good, it would be boring otherwise....


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