Day Nine - A Lovely Drive To Tennessee

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Our drive along the east side of the Ozarks was a little bit more hilly, twisty and windy. So, I warned Hub to expect most of our trek the next day to be a repeat. I was wrong with that assessment. We were so far east that our drive started out steep and twisty but quickly turned into rolling hills. It is so beautiful in Arkansas, something I was not expecting.

There are LOTS of chicken farms. Then there's cattle, and crops. We dropped down onto the flat and had a pleasent drive until we popped up onto I55 east just outside of Memphis.

I was expecting the usual, lots of traffic and road work. We didn't encounter traffic, but my goodness the drivers are asleep at the wheel! Nobody pays attention to when they have to get off and we had folks from the fast lane zip across right in front of us to exit. We like to stay in the slow lane so we were the ones having to brake to accomodate them. This highway is old and is being updated, in random locations. Most of the transitions from old to new pavement was very poorly done. Some of them were downright treacherous. I was sure everything in the trailer would be upside down by the time we had arrived at our destination.

One erratic driver who wanted to go faster than everyone else, was boxed in and when he finally made his move, we could not believe that his bumper was mostly waving in the wind, all bendy because it was plastic. it appeared to be hanging on by one bolt.

Our path took us down into Mississippi so we get to say we hit three states! 

We look forward to a two day break. We found a Thousand Trails in Tennessee to stay for the perfect price of "FREE". It is a very large old resort that has two phases. We are in Phase one which looks ancient. It sort of reminds me off the game Fallout. There are 8 sites on this side with sewer and the ranger advised us someone had just left a sewer site this morning so we rushed over there and took it. 

I was up before Hub which is unheard of, so we walked through this side of the park. 

It feels humid and hot, but not as humid as Arkansas.  

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