Day Four - Driving Through Nebraska

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Driving through Nebraska | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Today's short video is a funny one. We'd camped at Powder River Campground, up at the top of Wyoming, just east of the middle of it. Next to us was a custom fifth wheel with full body paint and a matching newer Ford dually. Guess who we saw in the morning as we prepped to leave, that same rig had parked one row behind us! There's no mistaking that it was the same rig. 

Then, Hub was attempting to pump fuel at a Sinclair 20 miles before our exit, and the folks already there told him the pump was super slow. I was taking a quick break at the time and by the time I was back at the truck, Hub had pumped a whole .12 of fuel. Well he painfully made it to .17 and called it quits. He told the folks who were sticking it out goodbye and good luck and off we went. 

We were checking in to Sunny Meadows less than an hour later when they pulled in... Too funny! It is such a small world and It shows that campgrounds signing up for Passport America are getting alot of overnighters to stay with them. 

This reminds me of a trip we took to Utah years ago where we had neighbors in a class C El Monte rental RV in Moab. It was a couple and they spoke german, we were next to them for a few nights. Then over a week later we were staying in Zion and they pulled up right next to us...again! We remarked at the time what a small world it was and that was at least 10 years ago now... and yes it is still a very small world. Video length 1 min 49 sec.

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