Day Eight - Twisting And Turning In Arkansas

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Day Eight - Twisting And Turning In Arkansas | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We drove back up to I40, A pleasant highway with lush mowed green grass on wither side. Today there was zero wind, we were glad for that! The highway is surrounded by either farmland or large deciduous trees. We stayed here for most of the drive.

Today was our day to encounter traffic! I am surprised at how many days in a row we had with no slow downs to speak of. Unfortunately the first slow down was due to a turned over semi and its container. I did get a short video of it. We were stopped for a couple of minutes, but everyone merged together and off we went. The second slow down was the tail end of an accident that had cleared. My maps app told me there was a 13 minute slow down, but it ended up being under 5 minutes. 

For the last 50 mile stretch, we were guided up AR9 then AR16, both were pretty hairy with lots of twists and turns, thus the title for today. We did have one more slow down when a tractor towing an empty trailer pulled out in front of us. We slowed down and put on our flashers. He wasn't on the road for long thankfully.

Again, we are amazed at how green it is here. The trees are much taller and bushier than in Oklahoma. It is quite hilly and the last 50 miles were on very windy narrow roads I would have preferred to not have driven on. Have I mentioned the humidity? Oh and how about the heat? When we arrived at the park, the person checking us in remarked that this heat is very unusual. He said next week it will be in the sixties which is normal. I am not used to humidity at all. The best way I can describe it is opening your door to a steamy sauna. You are surrounded by wet heat. I don't like it at all.

We stayed at a Coast to Coast park, the total came to $11.05. We settled up the $1.05 tax upon arrival. 

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The news stated that the weather in the South East is having extreme heat. Maybe on your way back it will be over. Sound like a true road trip adventure. Stay safe.

Wow wonder how the accident happened. That side road looked horrible hard to drive a big rig on.. Hmmmm


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