So What's The Disc Golf Like In Texas?

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So What's The Disc Golf Like In Texas? | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We found a disc golf course not so far away in Hillsboro. The site I use to review courses said that the course is unplayable due to the grass not being mowed. Hub drove there to check it out and sent me a pic of the course with MOWED grass! So we went the next day and played holes one through eight. Hub was not in a rush and actually allowed me to video and he even videoed me on a couple of holes. It is very short as all of my disc golf videos are. Video Length: 2 min 45 sec.

I had a card class Tuesday and we went back to the course again on Wednesday to finish the rest of the round. On the first hole I threw an Innova Beast* that we'd found in Arizona and it had no sig or phone number on it. The throw off the tee was awesome. Then on the second shot, right into the pond it went.  /cry.

Hole twelve was not visible from the tee. It was blocked by some trees and bushes. So I threw my Truth* in a hyzer around the bushes to where I was sure it would be close to the basket. I noticed flags leading down to the bushes saying "water line" so I had to go up and a around the wet. Only to discover that the basket was in ... not water... nope... it was poopy tissue filled sewage. And there was my Truth, in the poop, literally. /sigh. So we found a stick and Hub recovered my poopy disc. I picked a bunch of flowers and wiped the disc, then Hub donated his Towch to my cause. We will be skipping hole twelve from now on. 

We have decided that Texas is very flat, the dirt is tan or pink which gives everything a slight pink tinge. There are donut shops everywhere which matches the equal number of police cars out and about. We drove to Waco today and hit Best Buy, Michael's, Jo-Ann Fabrics and Walmart. Waco is definitely much more upbeat and modern than sleepy Whitney. 

On the way to the course are these two silly signs, between the two I like the Flirty Turtle best. In Pacific City was a blown glass gallery called The Dapper Frog. I need to collect these clever business names somewhere, they might come in handy some day. Tomorrow we are going back to play more disc golf, I can't wait!

*Click these links to see their stats on Infinite Discs.

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