Copic Coloring Project - Dragon vs. Phoenix

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Copic Coloring Project - Dragon vs. Phoenix | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I love to color! I think most of my blog readers already know that, but just in case...I said it again. I lost a dear set of adult coloring books with a wide range of topics from cats to Star Wars when our trailer was destroyed. As a result, I must rebuild my coloring book collection.

This time around it seems many coloring books offer free digital PDFs with the printed coloring book for free. Because Copics do not work on standard coloring book paper, there are a few hoops to jump through to get the coloring page rendered nicely on the Copic paper that is used. Having the digital version cuts out many steps and provides a much better finished image! 

This project is from "Dragon Life" by Nathaniel Wake who is one of Amazon's adult coloring book authors offering free digital PDFs. I chose this particular image so I could experiment with the range of colors in my new Copic Sketch marker collection that at the time of this coloring was about 3/4 complete.

The Phoenix was colored from red to yellow using the following Copic Sketch Markers:

  • R29
  • R35
  • R24
  • YR09
  • YR04
  • Y38
  • Y34
  • Y15
  • Y13

The Dragon has a blue mane using these colors:

  • B29
  • FB2
  • B24
  • B23
  • B21
  • B000

The Dragon's Scales are greens as follows:

  • G09
  • G05
  • YG09
  • FYG2
  • YG13
  • FYG1

The belly of the dragon uses cool greys and his wings are fyg1. I used E50, E51 on his teeth, soft pads and his claws. The sky is B0000. ah, and the tongue and gums of the dragon are E04.

For fun, the eyes were made the color of the enemy. Red-orange for the dragon and blue for the phoenix. I really enjoyed this project and I learned that my Blues did not go dark enough, neither did my greens. I have since corrected the weaknesses in these color ranges. I felt the red to yellow worked very well, with a couple of extra mid range colors I was able to not use including R39 and R14.

Copic Coloring Project - Dragon vs. Phoenix Close Up| Tracy Marie Lewis |
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