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Let It Snow - Winter Fairy Halla

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Let It Snow - Winter Fairy Halla | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I stamped a couple of images to color over the weekend (last weekend) and managed to finish the smaller of the two. This much larger image sat at my craft table, beckoning to me every evening this week. I've wanted to color this winter fairy forever and I figured the only way to ensure it gets done is if I leave a stamped blank sitting right in front of me. Tonight there it sat, teasing me yet...

DIY Copic Color Matching Chart

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DIY Copic Color Matching Chart  |

I have a backlog of non 'card' craft projects that I need to work on and this particular project I thought would make a perfect article for my blog. I am making a second chart for a friend. I will see her in a couple weeks and want to have it done by then. I completed my Copic Sketch marker set last fall. I knew that I would be purchasing every single marker because I enjoy coloring larger...

Newton Sorry...

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Newton Sorry... | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I finished up my super busy work week (first Hackathon at my company, and I was the Scrum Master) and spent friday evening deliberating on crafting challenges. I decided to go with critters using Copic Markers. I took one look at my craft room and knew that before anything I needed to clean first. I ended up so tired that as soon as I was able to see my desk, I was too tired to start on my...