I Just Have To Share A Pet Peeve!

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I was an IT web professional for over twenty years. I know what the laws are around email advertising. As such I am very, very careful with whom I create an account with and I ALWAYS turn off email advertising in my profile. So, we are searching for property and I caved in and created an account on realtor.com the day before Thanksgiving. I specifically left the box unchecked for partner communications, as well as any emails from them in any form.

Now, a week later, guess what I am receiving? An abundance of email advertisements, for home loans, Anderson windows etc. hmmm, who could have sold their contact list against my wishes? 

I am very irritated because I strive for an ad-free email box. It makes these violations of my privacy VERY noticable. I emailed a complaint to them and the next step is for me to delete my account and use a competitor. 

Aside from the unwanted emails I do like their property search tools, as well as how wide spread their reach is. Many real estate tools are not in the areas we are looking at so I had to find one that covered pretty much everywhere in the US. So far realtor.com has been a good tool. It is too bad that their policy on email lists is decidedly weak. They have a list of partner websites, and gee, none of these emails are from the partners, but were still home related.

So the moral of the story, continue to be vigilent when signing up for any account, no company can be trusted to follow their email policies. /rant off

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Interesting indeed, I have had similar experience with other Web sites. Also wish I knew who was handing out my cell phone number. Have been getting sales calls. However I can block them but they just call with a difference number but same sales spiel.Yuk


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