Our Campground Memberships Experience - The BIG One - Part 1

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Our Campground Memberships Experience - The BIG One - Part 1 Bunnies | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We are finishing up our first year of full time RV travel. We have learned a ton! We also have enough financial details available to provide a cost analysis of our campground spending for 2017. Hub insisted that I break it up into smaller segments and the first part alone was 24 minutes. So, I broke it into three parts. This first part focuses on our primary campground membership (Thousand Trails) where we live 90-95% of the time, so it is our "home" so to speak. Part two will be a cost analysis and part three will discuss the tips and tricks we have learned this year about living in the Thousand Trails park system full time - we have learned some great tips from fellow campers, the phone customer service folks and the park rangers. I anticipate a Part four will discuss our second tier membership and the small memberships will be grouped into Part five if needed.

Video length 9 min 3 sec

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