Guess What Bend Sunriver Thousand Trails Has?

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Bend Oregon, on the way to Texas | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We had a very long day yesterday, driving 9 1/2 hours from Mount Vernon to Bend-Sunriver Oregon. It was worth the long trek. We arrived just before dark and took the first site that was deep enough for our rig. Parking was a little bit tricky thanks to two slender trees that someone let grow right in the middle of the site entrance. They have lots of dings on them. I was careful not to add to their wounds. We got settled in and then I sat down inside with the campground brochure. 

Nestled in with "mini golf" were my two favorite words "disc golf" right next to the tennis courts. So as soon as we ate I insisted we drive there and take a peek I walked out past the swimming pools (they are shut down for winter) just before dark and snapped this picture. 

I don't think I've seen a disc basket that sits on top of a pressure treated 4 x 4 but hey, it has nine holes, it has water features off on the edges of a few holes, it has thick mowed grass that looks like shag carpet. Two of the baskets are just that, their chains are gone. Ah and we did find a few of the tees.  I wish I would have placed my shoe in the picture for a better size reference, these are 9" x 12" pieces of plywood that are an arrow indicator to the basket, but the baskets numbers are missing. Even better, there are two tees per basket, red and yellow, spaced 20 or so feet apart. We were able to make up our own tees up on gravel or cement so we were able to x step for real which was nice. I would rate this course better than Whaler's Rest for distance and interesting obstacles to go around but not as good as Leavenworth which was definitely a full size nine hole course. 

Since we had no expectations of disc golf here, this was a great added bonus!

It was so windy today we just played one disc each. I chose the heaviest disc in my bag, which is a Discraft Crush 173g (see the Crush stats on Infinite Discs). I threw it very straight and low for the best chance to go where I wanted it and the Crush did great for me. Any shot that I threw up when all wonky thanks to the crazy wind. Hub picked my Claymore mid range (see the Claymore stats on Infinite Discs). He's been throwing and like me when he could keep it low it went great. Putting was a challenge since we didn't bring putters, but we had fun nonetheless. 

Hub found two interesting items in a bush he kept throwing into. I did not throw into any bushes at all, which is a miracle. First he found this:  which ends up being a real disc, with very bad reviews on Amazon, I looked it up on Infinite Discs and search came up with no results, not surprising. It seems only big box stores and Amazon sell that brand of disc. Then in that same bush when we came back round on the other side of it, he found this:  He didn't keep this gem. We don't have room for fragile keepsakes like that. Unfortunately the weather report calls for snow tomorrow! So I am not sure if we will get out for more golf. There is a course only 15 minutes away we plan to visit next.  This particular Thousand Trails looks to be very fun for kids. It is an old west theme with a full fown built in a U shape. They have a country store that stays open year around as well. 

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