Last Day Of Disc Golf At BakerView Park - And What A View!

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Last Day Of Disc Golf At BakerView Park - And What A View! | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We woke up to a sunny day and decided to go play a round of golf at Bakerview park. It was perfect weather with a great view of Mount Baker. We did end up buying four new discs after losing one in Leavenworth. Hub got a replacement Daedelus* 166g. And, after playing a few different putters, he decided to go back to the XT Nova* 171g (so he took his back from me) I bought us each a second Nova since we both use them for approaches and putting. I almost lost my pink Destroyer* 164g twice in Leavenworth so bought a second one, this time a blurple (blue-ish purple-ish) metal flake (ooo, go check out my new metal flake Destroyer at Infinite Discs) and it is beautiful. 

I threw the blurple Destroyer on hole 5 and it landed close enough for a birdie. A true and honest birdie. I was thrilled, so I video'ed the moment. I also threw a few for par. On hole three my hand grip locked and I threw a few too far left, but I shook it out and finished the round strong.

Hub was throwing everything well. His back which has been out for over a week is finally healing up so he could throw hard. He likes his new Daudelus and he grabbed my white Claymore because of its chalky feel. He liked that alot too. It throws very understable for him. So now he has a full set of mid ranges in his bag - his Roc3* which is overstable, My Buzzz* 166g which goes dead straight, and a Truth* 169g and Claymore* 178g for understable throws. I still just throw one midrange, which is a red Truth* 172g that goes straight. 

It was a lovely day. I made a few short videos and merged them together... Video Length 51 sec.

* link to this disc's stats on Infinite Discs

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