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My old reining horse checks | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Ok my fellow crafters, I know you are asking why on earth is this horse video on a crafters blog. Prior to becoming an avid full time crafter and Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I was a horsemen and active competitor in the horseback riding discipline called "reining". 

We are going through a very painful inventory process and I was reviewing our old laptops the fire department recovery team pulled from our fifth wheel collision wreckage for us. I found these wonderful nuggets of video that I wanted to capture. So I made them into a video and saved it high res. I am not sure what year this was, likely back in 2011 because I sold this horse in 2012. 

This demonstrates a highly trained horse doing his maneuvers with just a neck rein. He was not a great competitor because he had serious stage fright, but he was a really fun horse to work at home. He always tried 110% for me as long as he wasn't scared or distracted. 

This particular day, my mom and my aunt who are also horse owners and avid riders, but in different disciplines had come to visit me. My mom video'ed I believe. This same day before I rode, my mom and my aunt rode Checks first and then I showed off how good he was to ride bridleless. Now riding a horse bridleless is best done by the person who knows the horse well and has complete trust in their horse so it is not like anyone could hop on Checks and do the same thing I could do. In fact Checks was so sensitive he could not be ridden by children or beginner riders without being led by me. He was just too sensitive and would know immediately if the rider was scared or nervous which would then make him nervous.

So enjoy this little diversion, and trip down memory lane. I suffered a major back injury in 2013 (not directly horse related) and after many surgeries, my riding days are over. I am so glad I found this great footage so I could preserve it on YouTube for many years to come. Video Length. 3 min. 33 sec.

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