March 2020

Video - Update On My Colored Pencil Journey - Storage, Swatches, Labels & Supplies

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Update On My Colored Pencil Journey | Tracy Marie Lewis |

It always amazes me how much preparation it takes to start a new artistic endeavor! When enough supplies came in I jumped right into coloring, and while coloring I made a list of the inefficiencies I felt needed fixing. I've attached a short video showing how I am going to organize the new coloring supplies. I also discuss what I still need go add to my colored pencil stash of goodies. Video...

Blue Eyed Cat Face Colored Pencil Drawing & Video Of Alternative A2 Card Layouts

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Blue Eyed Cat Face Colored Pencil Drawing | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Here's my latest colored pencil drawing. I am enjoying the challenge of realistic drawings using colored pencils, a medium I have used very little in my crafting life.

For those of you who love to create artistic bits like I do, they make lovely focal pieces on handmade cards. I filmed an inspirational video showing how you can turn your art into handmade cards. Video length 23 min 10...

See My New Space - Swapped With Hub - Smaller And Yet Feels Bigger To Me AND With A View

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My New Gaming & Website Development Laptop | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I finally got my new "office" space organized. It really is my everything space. I eat, craft, compute and play online games here. And, if you don't know I live in a 32ft Fifth Wheel travelling full time with my husband. I made a short video to share and include some of the supplies links below. Video length 10 min 51 sec.