December 2018

Goodbye Florida! Nine Weeks Flew By And Now We Are On Our Way To Arizona

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Florida To Arizona Day One| Tracy Marie Lewis |

We left Florida today. It was probably as bad a day for travel as can be, short of a hurricane or something. I have seen some really heavy rain in my day but this mornings rain was something else. We spend the first hour of our drive on city streets with lots of stop and gos and it rained, and rained...and rained some more! Finally we made it to I75 and shortly thereafter, the sun came out....

December 2018 - Kre8tors Blog Hop - Christmas

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Kre8tors Blog Hop Christmas December 2018 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I am excited to share my project for today's Kre8tors blog hop. It will be one of the last opportunities to share my Christmas cards with everyone. I love the creativity of this group, I find everyone's creations so inspiring! 

By the time this article posts I will be on my way from Florida to our next location for the rest of the winter, Arizona. My husband and I are from Washington...

New Truly Unlimited Prepaid Verizon JetPack Plan, Ok I Will Bite

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New Prepaid Unlimited JetPack Data Plans At Verizon| Tracy Marie Lewis |

I am not sure if I've talked about this already, but for Hub and I the internet is at the very top of our priority list. It is a NEED not a WANT.

Our history...
When we sold our home and moved to my mom's, our mifi device at the time did not work down in the hole where we parked our fifth wheel. She has a pasture that is below her home. It made for a very private...