September 2018

Day Four - Driving Through Nebraska

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Driving through Nebraska | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Today's short video is a funny one. We'd camped at Powder River Campground, up at the top of Wyoming, just east of the middle of it. Next to us was a custom fifth wheel with full body paint and a matching newer Ford dually. Guess who we saw in the morning as we prepped to leave, that same rig had parked one row behind us! There's no mistaking that it was the same rig. 

Then, Hub was...

Day Three - Driving Through Wyoming

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Driving Through Wyoming | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I got a little behind on blogging our trek. I managed to get the video posted so that was something. I even made myself try a new video editor on my newer laptop. I prefer the old Windows Movie Maker but it is no longer available and will not run on Windows 10.

So, our trip was pretty short and uneventful. We drove from the top of Wyoming, down to the bottom, to just south of Cheyenne....

Day Two - We Made it Into Wyoming

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Day Two - Wyoming | Tracy Marie Lewis |

When Hub said hey is that snow up there? Little did we know how much snow we would find around that hill. I had to video it to share. It was totally unexpected, but luckily a short while later we had dropped down out of it /whew!

We saw alot of beautiful countryside, a picturesque white mausoleam surrounded by a large cemetary.  Pronghorn, horses, cattle and sheep.

We are quickly...

How Do We Plan Our RV Trips? Here's What Works For Us

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How We Plan Our RV Trips | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I have spent over 15 years traveling in some sort of an RV. RV travel requires planning ahead. There are special considerations to take into account when you are over 40 feet long.  I have created a two part video series walking through how I use Google Maps to map out every leg of my RV trip. I demonstrate my camping membership tools to guide me in making good campground choices, I even show...

Our Trek To The Florida Keys - Planning

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Our Trek To The Florida Keys - Planning | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I just completed a major trip planning session today. When it comes to creating our plan, we both work on various parts in stages. It always starts out rough and we fine tune it. This time Hub performed what I will call phase one. To me it is the hardest part because there's nothing to work from, you start with a blank piece of paper. I am not sure how other travelers work their planning magic...

Year Two Full Time RV Experience - Update

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Year Two Full Time RV Experience - Update | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I created a new presentation documenting our experience with full time RV living. We had an interruption in our travels that delayed this update. We are now finishing up 13 months on the road so I packed this with everything I thought would be of interest for those planning on RVing part time or full time. 

The video ended up being a bit longer than I like but I had alot of details to...

Fall Stay At Leavenworth - We Are Officially On Our Way To Florida!

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Fall Colors In Leavenworth | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We finished all of our medical exams, procedures and tests. I wouldn't say we aced everything, but we did well enough to not have to stress about anything medical during our winter travels. When you get older and have certain medical conditions, I suggest timing your annual wellness exam and labs to be complete before you leave, don't leave anything to chance! My theory is that positive...

September 2018 - Stampin Dreams - Favorite Technique - Coloring

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September 2018 Stampin' Dreams Blog Hop | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Today I am joining the Stampin Dreams blog hop where we are sharing our favorite technique. My name is Tracy Marie and I travel full time with my husband. We just departed from our "home" area in the Pacific Northwest for Florida. It will be quite the trek. We are heading there so I can attend this year's 30 year Stampin' Up! On Stage celebration event in November. I am so excited! It helps...

September 2018 Stamp 'N Hop Blog Hop - Holiday Catalog

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September 2018 Stamp 'N Hop Blog Hop - Holiday Catalog | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Welcome to the September Stamp 'N Hop blog hop. My name is Tracy Marie and I just spent an amazing four nights at a craft retreat where I was able to stamp to my heart's content. One major project that I completed was a set of cards for a holiday catalog swap. It ended up being perfectly timed for me to use them for this hop as well since our theme for the hop is also the holiday catalog. ...