August 2017

Video Tutorial - Making A Card Using Weather Together Including A Repeat Background Using The MISTI

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 Making A Card Using Weather Together | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This is my first card video tutorial. I did not choose something simple as I had planned. It took four videos and over 40 minutes to go through. I also added time lapse video with music for the first time. I did find one mistake that was too big to correct. I own two larger MISTIs, a left handed and a right handed one. I wasn't using the measurements, so did not see that I'd grabbed the wrong...

Pacific City - Oregon Coast for the Eclipse

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I am falling behind on logging our travels. It is hard to keep up with no internet or cell service at our site. We are now back to going to the library or the lodge (very slow WiFi) every day.  It is almost like fasting from technology when we camp in a location with neither cell or wifi. I imagine it is good for us. The daily routine is totally different without those two amenities. 


Storage Series - Saving Space By Using Copic Markers To Color Your Embellishments

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Storage Series - Saving Space By Using Copic Markers To Color Your Embellishments | Tracy Marie Lewis |

When we were planning our lifestyle change to living full time in an RV, I knew I had to minimize my embellishments. I had a dedicated craft space that was quite large with floor to ceiling storage. This storage also extended into one of the bedrooms. Ribbon was a biggie for me because I had so much of it. I own a full set of Copic Sketch Markers which are a big investment and I have...

Storage Series - Cardstock

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Storage Bin for Cardstock | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I have had to purchase very specific storage solutions to fit in the odd shaped spaces in our RV. Four shelves I use for crafting storage are tall and narrow on either side of the fireplace. I searched long and hard for appropriate bins to slip into these slots.

I currently have six bins of this shape, four fit on these shelves, the other two fit under my side of the bed. Our bed has an...