Alternatives - Paper Pumpkin August 2018 - Blissful Blooms

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I made five finished projects, show two more and advise on alternatives to my alternatives, how cool is that? Video Length 28 min. 33 sec. Alternatives start at 11 min 13 sec.

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Great job on your latest video, Aug pumpkin. Just found your channel and you are very creative. I started a channel and turned my hobby into a business. Would you have any suggestions or tips for what helped you with your channel success?
I would like to collaborate using one of your ideas on my channel and give you credit. Driving people to your channel. Is that Okay?
Thank you
Darlene. Murray KY

Yes that would be great! I think the biggest factor to a successful channel is timing and consistency. Paper Pumpkin alternative videos are successful if they are published asap after the new kit is received. Waiting even one day makes or breaks them. I have learned to get any new videos posted quickly. I have made my channel a top priority. Thank you for the compliments! Compliments encourage me to keep at it! ~Tracy


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