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New Trailer Storage | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We have been on the road this time around since the end of May, so almost five months. I've made all of the adjustments to my craft storage and now feel comfortable with revealing to everyone what my space looks like messy with everything out, as well as a followup video with everything packed away ready for travel. 

If we are staying overnight or just a couple of days I will NOT bring everything out, but for anything more than a few nights I will craft away for at least one of those days pulling out whatever I need without concern. My space is multi-use in that I compute, eat and craft or color at a 2 ft x 4ft drafting table. I acquired this particular table for 60% off from the Amazon Wharehouse and I liked the pencil trough as well as the notion of tilting the angle if I decide to color. A part of this desk is flat so I can move my laptop there if I want the drafting angle for any reason. It is far superior to the previous work surface which was a folding plastic table from Camping World. Both cost about the same. I found the plastic started to warp due to constant use. The one positive point with that table is that it could fold up and be stowed away as needed. We have decided that for our living style a permanent but moveable table works best.

Our monitors are mounted with arms so they do not take up any of our work surface. Hub likes them but would rather that they could stay mounted. Right now they are stored on our bed when we travel. Ideally we need to store them in a less impeding space. I think a vertical slide in storage under the dining table would work, but it requires careful thought to how it would need to be built. 

The video attached is the space as messy as it will ever be. I am making swaps, lots of them so everything had to be out and stayed out for many days. I waited to make the video until the last craft day. 

I still use the same strategy of using soft storage to fit items in awkward spaces. Many of the cabinets you see in the video are trapezoid shaped so hard sided items do not fit well. I have listed examples of the storage I have purchased, and I do mention the zippered clear cases that sheets come in as another storage idea as well.

My method of cleaning up to slowly put away everything in between other activities and then as if by magic, around dinner time, the craft space is completely put away. I hate to rush. After three recent spine surgeries I do better when I stretch out packing activities. Sometimes I will even start to pack up two days prior to a move. It just depends on how I feel and how much I was able to finish.

Of course my space is a perpetual work in progress. I am always finding better ways to pack items, condense them and of course every time new supplies arrive I have to figure out where they will live! Video length 8 min 10 sec.

Supplies Used In This Project: 

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!



I can't believe how much storage and stuff you have. Great video however where is all your food.

Believe it or not we have a full pantry with a door, a wall of cabinets and a double door refrigerator and we still haven't filled in all the space with food. Ah, I forgot to mention in the video that my Copic and Blends markers do live in the bottom of the pantry. They don't fill all that space so we have a few kitchen items mixed in the bottom as well.

What a neat video. I am in awe how you manage to complete all the wonderful cards you show. You are my hero. Enjoy!


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