Christmas Cards Are In The Mail!

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Christmas Cards Are In The Mail! | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I am proud that I set a deadline for finishing Christmas cards and that I was able to finish on time. I would say a weakness of mine is an inability to focus on repetitive tasks. I make my Christmas cards throughout the year and I make all sorts of them so by the time I have to mail them I don't have the last minute rush to make any.

You would think that by making them throughout the year I would have no problem at all. But the problem is in all of the remaining tasks which are repetitive without any real shortcuts in my mind (no I am not going to print out addresses, no I am not going to leave the envelopes plain, etc). Here are the steps I follow, and I recently changed the order after seeing a friend (thank you Cathy!) come to our craft retreat with her Thanksgiving card envelopes to fill out -  In September! I thought what a great idea! So where I would wait until almost the very last step to address the envelopes, this year I worked the list and addressing a little ahead of time, not as far ahead as I would have liked and next year I will definitely be addressing the envelopes well in advance. I take sending Christmas cards very seriously, for me it is as important as decorating the tree, everything must look right and be in its place. Because of this you might look at my list and snicker. 

Here is what I worked on and in what order:

  1. Created lists separated by my family, Hubs family, my card peeps, my friends, his friends, any businesses (yes we have a few that we send to businesses each year). - research any missing addresses, or inquire if someone might have moved, got married etc.
  2. Address envelopes - I do this task because I like to write, Hub could help here, I've just never thought to ask him since each person's address is unique, I don't find this step too repetitive.
  3. Decorate envelopes - I just created a video on how I decorate my envelopes (I've added the link below) - to avoid making this step tedious, I group my stamps together and shoot for a single stamping on each side with minimal color.
  4. Hub decides his family/friends cards from the pile I give him to pick from and I pick mine. Since they vary greatly we actually put names on them - I package every card I make to protect it and to have it ready to sell. We use round stickers to write the name on.
  5. Since alot of my cards are blank inside I pick a few inside sentiments and decorate the insides as needed. - I really should make myself do this up front when the card is made...note to self!
  6. Stamp the back with my handmade stamp and sign the back unless I am giving away a card swap card.
  7. Sign the inside of the cards.
  8. Stuff the envelopes and adjust any cards that are too thick or add a protective cardstock sheet as needed, test to make sure the card fits USPS criteria for a Forever 1st class stamp.
  9. Seal and tape them closed as needed. - Hub helps here.
  10. Add postage. and he helps here.

I know it seems crazy to have so many steps, but it is what it is. I started on Monday and mailed them Friday. As I said next year I will be ready to address envelopes around the first week of December. 

I will say that this year if I had not made a bunch of Paper Pumpkin Christmas theme cards in October and November I would have used every single Christmas card on hand. As it is, I have nine left which is cutting it close. I will have to really be on top of making at least three Christmas cards a month to avoid making any next year. 

Yes this video is the one I just posted so if you saw it, no need to watch it again. Video length 13 min 40 sec.         

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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